Argo NetCDF format checker updates

Each new Argo file submitted to Argo GDACs is checked by the NetCDF format checker.

The Argo NetCDF file format checker is regularly improved. This page lists the successive version of the format checker operational on the US and Coriolis GDACs.

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Argo NetCDF file format checker update dates

  • February 22nd 2018 : specification file, add AANDERAA_OPTODE_4831 and 4831F to ref_table-27
  • February 5th 2018 : specification file
  • October 19th 2017 : specification file
  • September 18th 2017 : specification file
  • July 12th 2017: executable file
  • May 15th 2017: specification file
  • April 24th 2017 : specification file
  • March 23rd 2017 : specification file