Argo User’s manual V3.41 minor version published

A minor version V3.41 of “Argo User’s manual” was published on Monday 20th of July.


It contains 9 updates needed for the new trajectory format (3.2) and the possible addition of technical data timeseries.

  • §2.1 “Overview of the formats” : Argo data uses the UDUNITS convention when applicable
  • §2.3.3 “Trajectory general information” : use 3.2 in FORMAT_VERSION example
  • §2.3.4 “Trajectory general information on the float” : TRAJECTORY_PARAMETERS: "List of available parameters" instead of "List of available parameters for the station"
  • §2.3.5 "Trajectory measurements group" : <param>_adjusted, _adjusted_qc, _adjusted_error  are not mandatory for intermediate parameters
  • §2.3.7 “Trajectory scientific calibration” : Replace SCIENTIFIC_CALIB_PARAMETER STRING256 with STRING64
  • §2.3.8 “Trajectory history information” : HISTORY_PARAMETER: "Parameter action is performed on", instead of "Station parameter action is performed on”
  • §2.5.2 “Technical information dimensions” : add N_TECH_MESAUREMENT optional dimension
  • §2.5.4 “Technical data” : <TECH_PARAM> long name and units attributes
  • §3.3 "Reference tables": in Table 3, NB_SAMPLE_<short_sensor_name> is now NB_SAMPLE_<parameter_sensor_name>