BGC-Argo synthetic profiles

To facilitate the use of BGC-Argo profiles, we propose to distribute synthetic cycle profiles generated by the GDAC from the existing core and BGC Argo profiles.

For each cycle, the existing Argo NetCDF V3.1 profile file contains one or more core-Argo profile (pressure, temperature, salinity) and one or more additional BGC profiles (oxygen, chlorophyll, etc…).

Data are stored into two or more arrays (N_PROF >= 2).

To facilitate the access to BGC profiles and to improve co-location of different BGC samples, a merged cycle profile is generated into one single array (N_PROF = 1) of levels having BGC parameters.

The core-Argo only levels are not kept; the BGC and core-Argo are vertically aligned on pressure levels, while preserving the original BGC level density.

The detailed specification is published in:

  • Bittig Henry, Wong Annie, Plant Josh, Coriolis Argo Data Management Team (2018). BGC-Argo synthetic profile file processing and format on Coriolis GDAC.

For validation, all files are available and daily updated:



The synthetic BGC profile of float 6901585 cycle 1 with its 13 BGC parameters
down_irradiance380 down_irradiance412 down_irradiance490 downwelling_par chla chla_adjusted bbp700 cdom doxy cp660

The synthetic BGC profiles of float 6901585 aggregated in one file

We may decide in ADMT-19 meeting to officially produce BGC-Argo synthetic profiles on both GDACs.