Draft of the next Argo user's manual, Seoul update

This article is dedicated to the update of Argo user's manual, following Seoul data-management meeting in November 2011.

Following Seoul's data-management meeting, this draft includes the following features, listed on page 8 in the "History of document" chapter:

  • §2.3 Megan Scanderberg : update of trajectory format following Seoul trajectory & ADMT12 meeting
  • §3.3 Thierry Carval : CNDC (conductivity) valid min is set to 8.5 instead of 60.0
  • §2.2.3 Thierry Carval : vertical sampling scheme to manage profiles performed on different vertical axes
  • §2.4 Esmee Vanwijk : meta-data format version 2.4
  • §2.2.3 Thierry Carval : global attributes and parameter attributes for CF compatibility


The draft of Argo user's manual is available here in acrobat or word version:


All comments are welcome until the 1st of March 2012.