Argo GDAC synchronization service

The rsync server "" server provides a synchronization service between the "dac" directory of the GDAC with a user mirror. The "dac" index files are available from "argo-index".

From the user side, the rysnc service:

  • Downloads the new files
  • Downloads the updated files
  • Removes the files that have been removed from the GDAC
  • Compresses/uncompresses the files during the transfer
  • Preserves the files creation/update dates
  • Lists all the files that have been transferred (easy to use for a user side post-processing)


Synchronization of a particular float, based on the data centre in charge of data processing:

  • rsync -avzh --delete /home/mydirectory/...
  • rsync -avzh --delete /home/mydirectory/...
  • rsync -avzh --delete /home/mydirectory/...

Synchronization of the whole dac directory of Argo GDAC

  • rsync -avzh --delete /home/mydirectory/...