Previous versions of Argo Reference Data Base

To process delayed mode quality control on floats, each DM operator has improved the database for his area and we have at present 4 different reference databases : SeHyd for the Pacific, IOHB for the Indian, BS (Böhme-Send) + ATL CTD or Hydrobase for the Atlantic.

SeHYD and IOHB are available in a form suitable as input files (wmo_boxes) fro WJO/OW. IOHB has data formatted in both WJO standard levels and as full profiles. SeHYD is available only at WJO standard levels.

On the following links, you will have access to those different regional reference databases :

Atlantic Ocean

Pacific Ocean

Indian Ocean


Southern Ocean


CCHDO Clivar & Carbon Hydrographic Data Office

CCHDO has extracted for ARGO recent CTD( 2001-2006) and made them accessible to the Argo Delayed mode operators. These data ore on the ifremer ftp site. Please contact to get an user name / password

Be careful that all those datasets must be only used for the delayed mode quality control of the Argo floats, some data of the added cruises have confidential access.