ADMT team and Executive Committee

The Data Management activities are lead by the Data management Committee co-chaired by S. Pouliquen from Ifremer/France and M. Scanderbeg from SCRIPPS/USA.

Each country is represented by a person that is in charge of implemented in his country what has been agreed by the committee.

Here the  Argo Data Management Team composition

Since June 2003 an executive committee has also been created to prepare work for the Data Magnagement plenary sessions.

  Executive Committee Members:




DM Chairs

 Scanderbeg Megan
 Pouliquen, Sylvie

Argo Director

 Owens , Breck

Argo Science Team

 Roemmich, Dean

 Wijffels, Susan


 Belbeoch, Mathieu

GDAC Managers

 Carval, Thierry
 Frost, Michael

Delay Mode Center

 Annie Wong

GADR Manager

 Boyer, Tim

DAC Representatives

 Donnelly, Matthew
 Schmid, Claudia
 Sato, Katsunari
 Tran, Anh 

BGC Representative

 Schmechtig, Catherine