Meetings and reports






23rd  Argo Data Management
11th BGC Argo Data Management


8-10-Dec 2022

6-7 Dec 2022


Meeting WWW site 

application/pdf ADMT-23 meeting report 10.42 MB

ADMT23 action list

11th BGC report to come

22nd  Argo Data Management
10th BGC Argo Data Management

Virtual meeting

8-10-Dec 2021

6-7 Dec 2021

Meeting WWW site 

application/pdf ADMT-22 meeting report 7.00 MB

ADMT22 action list

10th BGC report 

21st Argo Data Management
9th BGC Argo Data Management
DAC workshop

Virtual Meeting 

2-4-Dec 2020

30 November - 1 Dec 2020

Meeting WWW site 

application/pdf ADMT-21 report 14.22 MB

ADMT21 action list

9th BGC report 

20th Argo Data Management 

8th BGC Argo Data Management

Argo visualisation and do-a-thon Workshop

LOV/ Villefranche/France

16-18 Oct 2019

14-15 Oct 2019

13-14 Oct 2019

Meeting WWW site

application/pdf ADMT-20 meeting report 11.36 MB

ADMT20 Action list status

application/pdf 8th BGC Data Meeting report 297.67 kB

8th BGC Data Meeting Action list

Argo Visualization Workshop Agenda

19th Argo Data Management7th Bio-Argo Workshop6th DMQC  Workshop


6-7 Dec 20184-5 Dec 20182-3 Dec 2018

Meeting WWW site

application/pdf ADMT-19 meeting report 12.43 MB

BGC Argo-7 Recommandations

application/pdf BGC Argo-7 meeting report 223.47 kB

18th Argo Data Management6th Bio-Argo Workshop1st trajectory Worshop


27-28 Nov 201729 Nov- 1 Dec 20171-2 Dec 2017

Meeting WWW site Talks presented at ADMT-18 meeting and DAC Trajectory Workshop

17th Argo Data Management5th Bio-Argo Workshop


28-30 Sept 201626-27 Sept 2016

Meeting WWW site 

application/pdf ADMT-17 Argo Data Management Meeting Report 15.65 MB

16th Argo Data Management4th Bio-Argo Workshop


4-6 Nov 20152-3 Nov 2015

Meeting WWW site 

application/pdf 16th Argo Data Management Report 14.62 MB

15th Argo Data Management3rd Bio-Argo Workshop


5-7 Nov 20143-4 Nov 2014

15th Argo Data Management meeting report ezembed3rd Bio-Argo Data Management meeting report3rd  BIO-Argo Data Management meeting Action List

14th Argo Data Management2nd Bio-Argo Workshop5th DMQC Workshop


16-18 Oct 201314-15 Oct 201314-15 Oct 2013

13th ADMT meeting report13th ADMT meeting report


13th Argo Data Management

1st Bio-Argo Workshop

Hyderabad / INDIA

14-16 Nov 2012 12-13 Nov 2012

  application/pdf 13th ADMT meeting report 8.51 MB

12th Argo Data Management2nd Trajectory Workshop


16-18 Nov 2011 15 Nov 2011

  application/pdf 12th ADMT meeting report 5.31 MB

11th Argo Data Management2WayCom Format meeting


20-22 Oct 2010 19 Oct 2010 

  application/pdf 11th ADMT meeting report 8.54 MB

10th Argo Data Management Report3rd ARC workshop4th DMQC worshop

Toulouse (France)

30 Sep-2Oct 0929 Sep 200928 Sep 2009


  application/pdf 10th ADMT meeting report 10.32 MB


 9th Argo Data Management meeting2nd Arc workshop

Hawaii (USA)

29-31 October 200828 October 2008

 Report ADMTReport ARC

 3rd DMQC workshop

Seattle (USA)

10-12 September 2008


 8th Argo Data Management meetingARC workshop

Hobart (Australia)

14-16 November 200713 November 2007

 Report ADMTReport ARC

 7th Argo Data Management meeting


1-3 November 2006


 1st Trajectory Workshop


27-28 Oct 2006


 2nd Delayed Mode workshop


4-7 Oct 2006


 6th Argo Data Management meeting


8-10 November 2005


 1st Delayed Mode workshop

San Diego (USA)

8-13 April 2005


5th Argo data management meeting

Southampton (UK)

 September 29-October 1st, 2004


4th Argo data management meeting

Monterey (USA)

5-7 November, 2003


3rd Argo Data Management Team Meeting

Ottawa (Canada)

18-20 October 2002


2nd Argo Data Management Team Meeting

Brest (France)

12-14 November 2001


1st Argo Data Management meeting

Brest (France)

3-5 October 2000



Location : TIANJIN China
Dates : From 28/09/2016 to 30/09/2016

16th Argo Data Management meeting

Location : Bermuda Islands
Dates : From 04/11/2015 to 06/11/2015

15th Argo Data Management meeting

Location : Ottawa
Dates : From 05/11/2014 to 07/11/2015

Bio-Argo DM2

Location : Liverpool / UK
Dates : From 14/10/2013 to 15/10/2013


Location : Liverpool /uk
Dates : From 14/10/2013 to 15/10/2013

14th ADMT meeting

Location : Liverpool /UK
Dates : From 16/10/2013 to 18/10/2014

13th ADMT meeting

Location : Hyderabad India
Dates : From 14/11/2012 to 16/11/2012

data management report

This page is dedicated to the national data management reports.

12th Argo Data Management meeting

Location : Seoul, Korea
Dates : From 16/11/2011 to 18/11/2011

11th Argo Data Management meeting

Location : Hamburg/ Germany
Dates : From 20/10/2010 to 22/10/2010

Monday afternoon : ADMT exec
Tuesday: 2 way comm format issue
Wednesday-Thursday-Friday morning: plenary ADMT