Argo physical parameters list updated

Information on Argo vocabulary server (NVS)

"Argo user’s manual" version 3.4 is now published

BGC-Argo synthetic profile documentation

BGC-Argo synthetic profile version 1.2

BGC-Argo synthetic profiles distributed on GDAC

Message to Argo users about an increased occurrence of salinity erros in the real time Argo data stream

SBE Argo CDT error pressure

 Notice of an error in pressure calibration of SBE Argo CTDs manufactured between September 2015 and June 2018. SBE report is available here 

The errors are mostly small and the sensors remains largely in specification . If needed , Argo Data Management  with Argo Steering Team group will take actions to identify, if possible , in the Argo data stream the floats impacted by this anomaly and will keep you infomed as soon as possible of the actions decided if any. 

Argo documentation updates

Advice on Pressure Biases in the Argo Data Set