Argo user's manual minor version v3.41.1

The minor version of "Argo user's manual" 3.41.1 was published on July 5th 2022.
It is available on

This is a minor version as it does not impact the existing Argo NetCDF files.
There are 9 updates:

  • 6 updates on trajectory file format 3.2 (soon to be accepted by the GDAC NetCDF format checker)
  • 3 updates on reference tables are clarifications on QC flags comments

§2.3.2 N_CALIB_JULD dimension added
§2.3.2 N_CALIB replaced with N_CALIB_PARAM
§2.3.5 AXES_ERROR_ELLIPSE_MAJOR and AXES_ERROR_ELLIPSE_MINOR long names updated (semi-major and semi-minor ellipses) see #3
§2.3.5 _MED and _STD removed from the manual, see #4
§2.3.7 N_CALIB replaced with N_CALIB_PARAM
§2.3.8 JULD calibration chapter added

Reference tables
§3.2 Reference Table 2a: clean up of comments
§3.2 Notes on QC removed from the manual, these notes are maintained in the QC manuals.
§3.31 reference table 31 added: ENDING_CAUSE and ENDING_CAUSE_CATEGORY