BGC-Argo Oxygen data management by DACs

This page is dedicated to the data management of Oxygen observations performed by bio-Argo floats.

It contains documentation and references for the Data Assembly Centres (DACs) in charge of decoding and applying real-time quality control on oxygen.


Oxygen quality control manual

  • Thierry Virginie, Bittig Henry, The Argo-Bgc Team (2016). Argo quality control manual for dissolved oxygen concentration.


Oxygen cookbook

  • Thierry Virginie, Gilbert Denis, Kobayashi Taiyo, Schmid Claudia, Kanako Sato (2016). Processing Argo oxygen data at the DAC level cookbook.


Oxygen sensors manuals




Calibration certificate examples



  • SBE43
  • SBE63


Sample Matlab code

Obsolete documents