Argo Quality Control manual for CTD and TRAJ version 3.6 released

The new Quality Control manual for CTD and TRAJ data is now available at:

This version is a significant revision from the previous, with 40 pages added containing new/updated information, examples, summary tables, cartoons, etc.  The major updates/additions are listed below.  Many thanks to the various people who contributed material and comments.  Please feel free to email me with any questions.




Argo QC manual for CTD and TRAJ data, Version 3.6, 23 March 2022 release

Section 1: Introduction updated.

Section 2: RT Test 19, Deepest Pressure Test, revised.

Sections 2.3 & 3.9: Added new sections on how to manage intermediate parameters in the R- and D- files.

Section 3.6: Added new section on best practices and examples on how to treat salinity sensor drift in delayed-mode, including Abrupt Salty Drifts.

Sections 2.7 & 3.11: Added new sections on RBR 2K CTD data adjustment procedures and flagging scheme in real-time and in delayed-mode.

Sections 2.6 & 3.10: Added summary qc flag tables for Deep Argo data, real-time and delayed-mode.

Section 4: Real-time procedures on traj file data, previously Section 2.2, now re-numbered as Section 4.

Section 5: Added new section on delayed-mode procedures on traj file data.

Appendix 6.2: Updated comments in Ref Table 2a.

Appendix 6.8: Added information on how to estimate float ascent rates for sensor response corrections.

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